Employee performance improvement is crucial to the success and constant betterment of a corporate setup. Employees are not only the backbone of the setup but also they play a significant role in the working of it. With the passage of time technology is improved and more stringent certifications require for the training and coaching of the employees and managers/supervisors equally.

A continuous and step by step effort is required in order to bring about employee performance improvement and the first of many steps is professional coaching or in other terms counseling. There is no need to take specific time from an employee’s day-to-day business to bring about this interaction. It can be in the form of any interaction that happens between an employee and his supervisor or manager. In many corporate setups, individuals such as professionals from HR department and line managers perform this duty.

Coaching can also be looked at as a way of getting to know the performance achievements of an employee. This helps provide positive feedback in regard to the contribution of the employee in a specific period for the company. This approach has other important benefits as well. If the coaching sessions are regular, it helps the supervisor in pointing out the performance issues of the employee himself at first, if the issues are minor they can then be communicated to that specific employee who can then work on those issues to enhance his performance. Minor issues may not sound as something that drastic but once eliminated it has been reported that employee performance as a team was enhanced greatly.

The whole process of performance coaching is done by taking the employee in confidence. A number of things have to be looked out for before initiating such an interaction as it has the tendency to backfire too. The primary goal of successful coaching to enhance performance is to make sure that the employee does not take the pointed out issues as his weakness. The goal Is certainly not to tell the employees in other words that they are being watched for everything. A successful professional coaching session encourages the employees to look at those issues as hindrances in the way of his maximum output that he can achieve simply by working his way around them. This allows working towards the performance enhancement of a single employee, the whole team, eventually the entire department.

There are two outcomes to performance coaching, either an employee shows considerable improvement in his performance and hence at a value to the business but an employee can also fail to do so, upon which there is a formal performance improvement plan that is administered to them which guides them step by step towards the improvement of performance.
At IBC, our team of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) is assembled by picking up the top notch professionals who are accomplished in their coaching fields. We believe in our PCC’s and promise our clients to deliver performance enhancement once their employees are being coached by our PCC team.

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