Our vast E-library is not limited to the guides only. There is plenty of new literature books regarding reading for the coaching course participants. Some of our books and literatures are available with a blank page with them so that note keeping gets easy. Access to the E-library is unrestricted to the course participants and is accessible to them 24/7.

Collection of coaching worksheets

We believe in enhancing the skill level of our coaching students. In order to assess their level of learning, assorted worksheets are developed and uploaded. They help as a tool for self assessment for the candidates learning coaching through our certified program.

Different language support

We at IBC are keen to incorporate all the members of our society in the coach training program for the aspiring coaches. For the sole purpose of assuring that all the members get equal benefit from the course, we ensure that our course material is provided indifferent languages which are native to the course participants. This way, without the language barrier and utilizing our diverse range of resources, the students of coach training course will be able to grasp the most for them from this course.

Glossary of modern coaching terms

we are aware of the necessities of our aspiring candidates and hence it is our utmost desire to fulfill the requirements of all candidates without any problem. For this purpose, we pay special attention to the needs of the students who want to learn more than what is offered in our course material and which is the necessity for appearing in the coaching certification exam. For such enthusiastic candidates our library is kept up to date with the literature that enhances the in-depth knowledge of our candidates on the subject matter. They students are also encourages to present different subject matters to the faculty trainers or the fellow students so that a collecting learning trend is implemented.

Coach training practice quizzes

Our learning management system (LMS) is stacked with self assessment practice quizzes as well. These quizzes can be taken online and as soon as a student is done with the quiz the result of the subsequent quiz is uploaded for the consideration of the student. This way, a student is able to better know his capabilities, strengths and weaknesses in a real time scenario.

White paper and study guides

In our experience, study guides and white papers are as essential as the lectures as well as books. For the students who are beginners, these white papers and study guides provide a unique step by step insight into the subject matter.