Coaching by managers and supervisors has multiple purposes to them. A few of the reasons that lead towards the inclination of the managers to coach are following:

  • Helping employees in their professional development.
  • Improving the performance of employees.
  • Helping the employees in setting their goals and targets higher.
  • Improving communication amongst employees.
  • Motivating the team.
  • Increased and effective employee engagement.
  • Spontaneous team development.

It has become a stereotype that managers and supervisors resort to coaching their employees when the things get out of hand or in other words to solve the issue of poor performance. It has been reported by many managers and supervisors that this is not the only reason because of which they consider coaching so important for their employees. Coaching can also be given to the employees in order to help them transition to a new role in the company as their duties and responsibilities change variedly with that. Employee confidence can also be a key factor as many employees face decreased confidence when they are promoted or when they are new to a company. A supervisor or manager possessing excellent coaching skills can also help his employees overcome another shortcoming as well, including by not limited to:

  • Resolving cultural and gender issues.
  • Making the employees more self-aware.
  • Inducing the quality to think and reflect on their own.
  • Raising awareness to adhere to a systematic approach and to think out of the box if and when required.

Managers also benefit from the coaching of their employees as their skills get more enhanced and they can target certain issues more professionally. The benefits are also countless for the employees who are coached by certified coaching manager. Some of the most prominent benefits of coaching that may appear in a business in various scenarios are following:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Better customer service.
  • Better sales performance.
  • Fruitful negotiations with the unions.

The managers have to face certain challenges as well as difficulties to deploy any coaching technique in a workplace but the results of coaching no matter how vast or narrow the targeted employees may be are extremely positive. the benefits are not limited to the employees only but are also reflected in the skills of the manager and the growth of the company that attains a better shape gradually.

The results of any coaching by a manager or supervisor are not only evident from the official reports and statistics but the results have vast applications in the atmosphere of the company and the morale of the working team overall. Because of the wide array of results and beneficial outcomes, manager based coaching of the employees is becoming extremely popular in the modern day world and this technique is being uptaken by the corporate cultures all over the world.

At IBC, our team of Master Certified Coach (MCC) is assembled by picking up the top notch professionals who are accomplished in their coaching fields. We believe in our PCC’s and promise our clients to equip their managers/supervisors with the best set of skills of employee coaching one they are being coached by our MCC team.

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