Certified coaches

Our certified coaches are amongst the top professionals in their field who have accumulated many hours of experience in training individuals under their watch. It is their duty to ensure employee oriented results which if we look at a bigger picture contribute in the form of gains for your company. IBC certified coaches ensure the coverage of all aspects of training employees and managers and give you, even more, reasons to integrate coaching into the look after the plan of your corporate team.

Some of the salient features of our distinguished coaches are as follows:

Time and cost cutting by solving the hurdles that exhaust these resources as annual and quarterly evaluation sure give the feedback of shortcomings of the team. But via coaching, this information loop can be sped up so that real-time solution of these problems can be found hence eliminating the factors hampering the abilities of your team. This can be in the form of simple mentoring or a renewed induction to training.

Another primary objective of our coaches is to empower the employees in terms of skills and capacity building. Managers and employees get a chance to learn more knowledge and sets of skills from a learned professional coach hence resulting in a remarkable increase in productivity of the team. Coaching sessions also make you aware of the skills of your employees and how they are working in their present designations. It is a trip to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team so that you can polish the former and eliminate the latter.

Certified authorized centers

Our certified authorized centers adhere to the internationally acceptable standards for training and coaching centers. The state of the art setup lets us take a lead amongst all the pioneering coaching platforms in the region. A certified and authorizes center means that we possess the key features and services that make us up to the mark for certification and accreditation. Some of the features of our centers are following:

  • An environment that promotes learning with special care taken to the safety, ease of access and sanitary conditions to ensure hygiene and well-being of the aspiring candidates.
  • State of the art modern infrastructure equipped and furnished with all the necessary tools that are a need of such centers in the present day.
  • Audiovisual and multimedia aids that ease the process of professional coaching and auxiliary equipment to aid the process all along.
  • A practical hierarchy that ensures that every action we take is according to our vision which is to provide sturdy and up to the mark coaching facilities for our candidates.
  • A vision that makes it possible for us to make sure that our candidates learn everything from us with maximum knowledge gain in the minimum time frame. Knowledge sharing as we may say.
  • Training material that is according to the internationally acceptable standards has been approving as working in real time.
  • Through policies regarding professional learning and development of our candidates keeping in view the adult learning curve.

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