International Board for Coaches

Welcome To IBC

Say goodbye to the local industry where you are working day and night, but getting nothing in return. Get a globally accepted training certificate and move wherever you wish to. Yes, this is possible!

We, an International Board for Coaches, are actually a Qatar based organization that is working tirelessly and professionally to train the trainers and are making them competitive for facing this overly advancing world. Our proficient organization supports network for qualified coaches working in business coaching, life coaching, decision-making coaching, leadership and many other coaching specializations. We are proud to say that our claims are not only the claims it is our promise and one of the many strengths that have taken us to height of success.

Our certified coaching programs are not only for employees, but for supervisors and managers too. They can now become leaders by just using a good internet connection and a computer. Yes, you do not have to fly to Qatar as we work on online and visual lectures system, with the help of user friendly Learning Management System or LMS you can simply get your globally accepted certificate after getting a professional and quality training. This means that you are just a login away from your bright future, hurry up then!

Our Services

The quality services that we are proud to offer to our clients are

Coaching for better Employee Performance

We can prove to be the best option if, any organization wishes to train its employees for the best leadership and management qualities. The management have to simply provide them with a good internet connection and a PC, and here they are, noting the lectures whenever they are free or in breaks. Office management donot have to give them long holidays for completing a certificate or even adjusting their schedules for it. Employee coaching is the first level of our services. It is just the basic, which means you have a long way to go, read more...

Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Managers

Second level of our coaching is coaching for supervisors and managers, it is the constant effort to help supervisors and managers in maximizing their abilities through personalized counseling, training, and advice. A good and quality coaching does not only help the employees, supervisors, and managers to polish their skills and perform better, but also helps them in making their organization proud of them as they work in a better way by learning something new and make the progress of their organization far better than before, read more...

Coaching and Team Building

We offer team coaching or coaching and team building tour prospective clients. This type of coaching helps people to understand how to work better when working as a team or group. This is an effective and efficient way of encouraging people to work together for a similar goal, which is better performance of team or increased sales, read more...

Life coaching

One of the many programs that we offer is, life coaching.It is a profession that is greatly different from consulting, advice, rehabilitation, or counseling. The life coaching coursereports specific personal projects, business successes, over-all conditions and evolutions regarding the client's personal life like relationships, read more...

What makes us unique ?

Our mission and aim is to introduce an improvementin the field of art, science and practice of what we offer and to exemplify the highest quality of coaching through highly set and valued standards, independent certification and building a world full of professionals and leaders who can do wonders. Our aims include :

  • Taking this high standard and highly professional style coaching to the global level, where new opportunities awaits the fresh leaders.
  • Bringing coaching and team building to a lot new level by partnering up with potential and intellectual coaches to train the beginners.
  • List item

Some of our objectives are :

  • To take part in the advancementof education and to give our best services in the field of coaching
  • To develop and introducecreative ideas in marketing for encouraging growth to this profession and ignored industry.
  • To establish responsibility and reliability through role modelling as a coach.
  • To not only encourage, but provide an open opportunity to come forth and give suggestions, ask queries and learn.
  • To collaborate and build a network of strategic associations and relationships internationally, to maximize the growth and encourage the talent of armatures.